Making Home Away

So I sat them down and told them: the five of us are here, me, you and your father, wherever the five of us are, that place should be your heaven.
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Current 'Home' West Midlands, UK


“When I arrived here, I knew a friend who is studying for his MA here. He was telling me you should read about the culture and the history of the country. I thought as long as I speak English, everything will be alright. But, for example, when I started work, a British colleague asked me if I like Greggs. I said: ‘What is Greggs?’ He said: ‘You do not know it?! Okay never mind.’ It is just a famous shop here, but I did not recognise it. I sometimes do not understand what they are taking about, because I do not share the same culture. So, it is not only about the language”.

Pictured here is Nour's niece, with the doll she refused to leave behind


*** Interviews carried out by Doha Samir


This extract is from an interview conducted by VICKI SQUIRE during 2020 as part of the British Academy funded ‘Lost and Found: A Digital Archive of Migration, Displacement and Resettlement’  project’s Making Home Away archive.



Current 'Home'
West Midlands, UK