Making Home Away

So I sat them down and told them: the five of us are here, me, you and your father, wherever the five of us are, that place should be your heaven.
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For us, we do not consider Syria as a home anymore.
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There is nothing worse than injustice.
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It is a bit better now but it is still bad
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We were hoping to go to Za’atari camp, but they assigned us here.
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So he was the first of our family to leave Syria, when he was 18 years old.
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I worked as an Uber driver only to improve my English, to get out of the house, and to make some money
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The incident that made me decide to leave Syria...
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Eliana will not be easy for them to go back...
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Yahia comments on concerns over the future, while also referencing the difficulty of integrating in cultures that do not emphasise community and kinship as strongly as those he felt in Syria and Lebanon.
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