Making Home Away

So I sat them down and told them: the five of us are here, me, you and your father, wherever the five of us are, that place should be your heaven.
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tagged Dignity


For us, we do not consider Syria as a home anymore.
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Dignity is above all, I told you.
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But the first step is to learn the language...
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Nature and tourism and all that.
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They treat us in a developed way here...
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“What I really miss the most is my family home in Syria. It was a spacious home with a garden. The second thing I feel sad about is losing my job as a teacher; the respect and admiration I enjoyed among people…I was proud of my job”.
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Yahia comments on concerns over the future, while also referencing the difficulty of integrating in cultures that do not emphasise community and kinship as strongly as those he felt in Syria and Lebanon.
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