Making Home Away

So I sat them down and told them: the five of us are here, me, you and your father, wherever the five of us are, that place should be your heaven.
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Look, my hairs are standing. Because I feel like my body is over here, but my mind is back in Syria.
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...those utensils feel like home to me.
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Mohammed’s mother

Even our happiness feels different without the whole family.
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You know when you ask me about my feelings of moving and settlement, a line of memories moves in front of my eyes. Sometimes I spent time thinking about that, and sometimes I cry when I remember. But I am thankful.
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I believe everyone can create his own home. You can make your own home by the relations that you develop with people where do you live. It is not exclusive to a specific piece of land.
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My nieces did not have the chance to live or remember Syria. They only have memories about [city in Iraq]
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“What I really miss the most is my family home in Syria. It was a spacious home with a garden. The second thing I feel sad about is losing my job as a teacher; the respect and admiration I enjoyed among people…I was proud of my job”.
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